Preparing a Visitor

A friend from another country accepted my invitation to go to church. This gentleman is not a believer. I am. This is not the first time I’ve invited this person to come, but it could be the last time he ever does.

So I’ve been in prayer, but I’ve also called friends and said, “I have a guest coming this Sunday who’s not a believer. Please come up and meet him, and talk slowly because the English language is somewhat new to him.”

I’m confessing that when I was younger, I would expect people to do this without letting people know ahead of time what was happening. How dumb of me.

Poor communication is a sign of dysfunction in a family or in a church family. The more we work together and keep each other informed, the more healthy the church is going to become.


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In this book, I offer some solid tips to the people sitting in the congregation to help them remember what their pastor has said from the pulpit.

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