The Mark of Revival

What do people at your church talk about the most?

In some churches, it’s the pastor. In others, it’s the building, or the music program, or maybe the doctrine, or activities, or the fellowship. But, when authentic revival marks a church, you know what people talk most about? Let me tell you.

When a church is marked by revival, what people talk about most is the Lord. They’re aware of His presence. In fact, they are almost in awe of it. Most specifically, they talk about Christ and His marvelous love, which is as it should be because, after all, He is the Lord of the church.

So they fall in love with Jesus again. Sound good? Oh, I’m sure it does. And, I’m confident it sounds good to our Lord, as well.


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In this book, I offer some solid tips to the people sitting in the congregation to help them remember what their pastor has said from the pulpit.

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