Before the Offering Sunday Soundbyte

A South Carolina retiree recently won the $259.9-million Powerball Jackpot. If you made $50,000 a year, it would take you 5,198 years to earn that much money. That’s like working from the time of Abraham.

If that Powerball winner wanted to pay off this year’s $1.6-trillion federal budget deficit, he would have to win the same jackpot 6,156 times in a row … or you would have to work 5,198 x 6,156 … about 32 million years. Goodness!

(PAUSE) Let’s see, a tithe on those earnings would be 10% of $1.6 trillion = $160 billion! I don’t think our church could spend that much money, at least not right away!

Let’s get back to reality and prepare for this morning’s offering. Shall we pray…

Soundbye for During Your Pastoral Prayer or Sunday Sermon.  Use my Sunday Soundbytes in your Sunday sermons or church service to convey timeless biblical truths about modern day events. You have my permission.

Sermon Ideas from David Mains

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