Coming Full Circle – Part 13

As I explained in the last blog post, as we would meet as a Circle Church staff, someone would remark, “We aren’t seeing people coming to Christ the way we should.” In response, I took along a slide presentation which had been prepared by one of the photographers in our group.

Click…click…click…the slides continued. Four more girls in nurses’ training with three out of the four new Christians.

Click…click. One by one, the faces of my congregation appeared, exploded in size and amplified before me. “I’ve seen something different in Chuck since he started coming to Circle Church, and after coming myself I think a lot of the people here have that same thing. I would like it too.”

Click…two young girls, one with granny glasses. Close to suicide after experimenting with drugs and in despair, they had phoned Al Nestor. He and Lynn spent the evening with them and helped them discover Christ. “Here,” one of them said to a startled friend. “You can have this bag of grass. I don’t need it any more. I have God.”

Click…the face of Pablo, another international student (this time from Peru), a product of Ka Tong’s ministry.

Click…a young girl of the ghetto, in the tutoring program. She had just recently experienced her new beginning.

“We aren’t seeing people coming to Christ the way we should.” No! Not at all true! To the contrary, we had been seeing conversions on such a steady, continual level that they had almost been overlooked!


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