Daring to Dream Again: Let Go… – Part 7

Let Go Of Our Painful Past—Part 7

Incidentally, the people of God held captive in Egypt were delivered. Moses was able to let go of the past. He truly did play the hero. And, aren’t we glad?

Let’s return to our young fictional Hero. He has heard the voice of his King speak in his heart that it is time to return to Enchanted City to begin the restoration of the kingdom. Painful memories from childhood, including the fact that he was called “Scarboy,” make this a hard assignment for him to accept—just like Moses.

“Ranger initiate!” called out Commander. “Stand forth for Revealing!”

With a pounding heart, Hero obeyed. He had always longed to be a Ranger, a protector of Great Park, but never, never had he felt so unworthy as at this moment.

Kneeling and bowing, Hero felt Ranger Commander’s hand placed firmly on his head. The voice which always filled him with awe spoke above him.

“Tonight we are gathered to induct the lad Hero into the corps of Rangers, protectors and watchkeepers for the King. What is your pleasure?”

The blue-cloaked men and women spoke as one; “Let the ceremony begin!”

The awful first question was asked: “Does anyone know just cause why this one, Hero, should not be invested with the office of Ranger?”

Each Ranger in the circle answered in turn.

“I do not,” said the first.

“Nor do I,” called out the next.

The lad kneeled in an agony .of suspense. He longed with all his being for this office, but he wished someone would speak to his unworthiness before he shamed them all by being a faithless Ranger.

“Nor I—nor I.” And so, round the circle came the pledges of faith. Hero could hardly believe that not one Ranger would show just cause that he was unworthy. Then the second awful question: “Do you, initiate, hold just cause against yourself?”

Hero sighed deeply. Revealing demanded honesty. Lifting his head, he looked into Commander’s eyes, “Sire, I-I am afraid. I am afraid of the task at hand.”

A murmur went up from the blue-cloaked circle. A voice cried, “No just cause! Even the most courageous fear the unknown task!”


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