Daring to Dream Again: Let Go… – Part 8

Let Go Of Our Painful Past—Part 8

In the last blog post, we left Hero about to become a Ranger.

Hero gulped. “But Sire, I-I doubt. The mettle of the powers is unknown to me. I fear its weakness against the force of Enchanted City.”

Another voice cried, “Power is always untested until it has been tried. No just cause!”

Hero spoke one last time. “Sire, my seeing is dim, and the voice of the Enchanter is near.”

Ranger Commander answered, “Dim sight is cured by choosing to see. We hear the voice of whomever we allow near. No just cause. Stand forth!”

Hero rose from his knees. Ranger Commander called above his head, “What is the pleasure of this company? Shall we induct this Hero, once of Enchanted City, now of Great Park, for the task at hand?”

A hurrah went up from the circle of Rangers, followed by another larger shout from the crowd standing beyond.

“To vows! To vows!”

Hero’s heart swelled with this honor. He would be a Ranger. He would fight for the King. He would give his forever pledge to protect the Kingdom, to be faithful.

“To the King!” he shouted.

“To the King!” all shouted back.

“To the Restoration!”

The kingdom—that’s the big picture too many in the church have lost sight of today. It was Christ’s key message. He talked about the kingdom again and again, His present and future kingdom.

Christ’s kingdom, or kingship, is wherever He is recognized as King, His will is obeyed, and subjects reap the benefit of His rule.

Heaven is that way. All subjects there bow before Christ as King. In heaven all are obedient to His will and reap great benefits. So, heaven is the kingdom, or kingship, of Christ. But, the kingdom is here as well. When we bow to Christ as Lord and obey His will, we are the ones who benefit as we live under His gracious kingship. In fact, Christ taught us to pray, “Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matt. 6:10).


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