Finding Out

There are various ways to find out what people think about your church … that is, if you really want to know.

The quick comments people make when leaving a service will usually be positive. But the truth is that the majority of those who attend say little or nothing.

You will probably get the most honest comments from people if they can remain anonymous. Have you ever tried including a card in the bulletin that reads something like:

In our attempt to get honest feedback from the congregation, would you please answer the following brief questions, then leave your card in one of the boxes in the back.

  • What I found most beneficial in today’s service was ____________________________.
  • If I brought a visitor, I would have been most pleased about ____________________________.
  • On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best), I would rate today’s sermon a _______.

When reading people’s comments, don’t get hung up on any one given response. For example, a single “1” rating for the sermon shouldn’t be a problem if the average is around “7” or “8.”

Then again, maybe you would rather not know.


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