I’m not sure I know what a “Module” is – Part 22

Literature Module

Although this module only had six members, which was not enough to give it voting representation on the Circle Church Council, it did not allow its aggressiveness to be hindered. The members petitioned the new Council at its first meeting for $200.00 to start a book table. Unsure as to what to do, the Council asked them to come back the next month with a more detailed request of what was needed. The impatient members decided to fund the project out of their own pockets.

Immensely successful, the book table was made available to the congregation after the second service and performed vital functions. It greatly facilitated the pastoral suggestions for life response by making recommended literature readily available.

While preaching a series on the millennial reign of Christ, I found George Ladd’s book, The Blessed Hope, a great help. Contacting the Literature Module ahead of time enabled them to have copies available on the morning I mentioned the book from the pulpit—all of which were sold. The book table exposed our congregation to trends in Christian literature. It also made books accessible to attenders who rarely enter Christian bookstores.

This module eventually branched out in its concerns to include interest in the interaction groups. Kent Washburn, pastoral intern from Trinity Seminary and a module member, prepared evaluation questionnaires for the congregation to answer which helped ascertain desired direction, as well as providing information for the training of discussion leaders for the months ahead.


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