Is Anybody Listening?

I filled another person’s pulpit again this past Sunday. I thought I did a good job … at least for a little while I did.

The 9:30 a.m. service was followed by a 15-minute break. Then I was the guest of the young-adult Sunday School class. Instead of a normal lesson, they were given the opportunity to discuss the sermon with me. For a while I wasn’t sure the message I preached was the one they heard.

After a few minutes I quickly revised by personal opinion of my sermon. Obviously I had talked at a level that was beyond their ability to comprehend. About halfway through my message, I had sensed that some of the people weren’t following me all that clearly. This was certainly confirmed in the discussion time.

Actually, I felt pretty good about the give-and-take of the class. I was able to clarify a number of points. When the class was over, I felt that the two sessions combined made for a good morning, at least for that given group.

All told, it made me aware of the need to always go over a sermon with a sample group of people before preaching it to a whole congregation. This is harder to do when you are a guest speaker. But I now know I would have done a much better job if I had.


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