Is Your Church Sermon HEADLESS?

A good church sermon subject should be interesting to your congregation.  That may seem so obvious it doesn’t need to be stated.  But many times I have worked with trained pastors who come up with topics for Sunday sermons that are textual, but also quite boring.

For example, most scholars feel that Paul wrote Colossians because of a problem with Gnosticism.  For most Christians today that’s not an interesting topic however—Gnosticism.  So I would suggest a church sermon subject that does a better job of drawing in hearers.

Physical fitness buffs diet, jog and spend hours lifting weights and toning muscles in an effort to gain the perfect body.  But the most beautifully shaped Miss America would seem grotesque if she had no head on which to place the crown.  How weird a sports champion would look, despite bulging biceps and impenetrable pectorals, if nothing sat on top of his shoulders.

The church at Colossae was a body that had “lost connection with the head” (2:19).  In spite of many good qualities, these believers made the fatal mistake of removing Jesus Christ from His rightful position.  Oh, they saw Him as a wonderful sin-forgiver who was important in their initial conversion.  But they thought other rules and religious experiences were necessary for continued “body building”.

Lose your head and you lose your life!  That’s a much more interesting approach than “Understanding Gnosticism”.  Create interesting topics for your bible sermons.  Make sense?

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