“Stop! Don’t talk! Listen!”

Have you ever watched a panel discussion on television where one person on the panel seemed to dominate the conversation? Sometimes that person even talks so fast that it’s obvious the other panel members can hardly squeeze a word into the conversation. In fact, more than a conversation, the discussion becomes a monologue.

Sadly, I don’t even have to tune into a television program to observe this behavior. I simply have to join a small group where a pastor is present to observe the phenomenon of someone who wants to dominate the conversation. As a pastor myself, I understand how this happens. In fact, in my long ago past, I did the very same thing.

We pastors become so used to being the one sharing information with the members of our congregation that, in almost any setting, we tend to dominate the conversation. Fortunately, I learned very painfully, but early on, in my ministry that it is far better to respond to an inner voice that says, “Stop! Don’t talk! Listen!”

Because I want to share with other pastors what I’ve learned regarding this important topic, I have made it the focus of Podcast 224. If you would like to hear my suggestions regarding the importance of listening, rather than talking, I urge you to click the link on this page that will take you to my Sermon-Coach.com website and listen to this Podcast.

We pastors must do everything we can to help those God has placed in our charge become better disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. In some cases, that may mean we need to stop talking and listen carefully. Because I know you care about your calling, I’m certain you will find what I have to say quite helpful. So, please listen to this Podcast, won’t you?

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