The Importance of Invitations

I grew up in a church where it seems as if an invitation was given at the end of every service. As a young person, I didn’t think very much about that. It was just a normal part of going to church.

For the twenty plus years I spent in radio and television ministry, I became accustomed to how difficult it was to actually give an invitation to listeners who weren’t physically present and who also may have been engaged in other activities as they were listening.

Of late, I’ve been thinking a lot about the value that invitations can have when they give the people listening to a pastor’s sermon the opportunity to make some physical manifestation of an inward response. And, because I want to make certain that pastors don’t overlook the value of invitations, I’ve made “invitations” the subject of Podcast No. 110.

If you want to hear what I have to say about this important topic, I invite you to click the link on this page that will take you to my website. Once there, you will be able to choose to listen to this particular Podcast. I think you will find what I have to say quite interesting. At least that’s my hope.

Invitations can play an important role in helping the members of your congregation internalize the response you ask them to make in your sermon. This certainly is a day when we want our people to learn how to respond positively and deliberately to God’s call on their lives.

For quite a few weeks now, I’ve shared with you about my new book entitled The Sermon Sucking Black Hole—Why You Can’t Remember on Monday What Your Minister Preached on Sunday. This book is scheduled for release in early May. In the meantime, you may pre-order the book at by clicking here.

This book gives information about how to make your sermons memorable. And, it also gives some solid tips to the people sitting in the congregation to help them remember what you’ve said.


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