Here’s What I Meant

“When you say you sensed the presence of the Lord in a powerful way during the sermon, what do you mean?” someone asked me the other day.

I appreciated the question because too often we use religious expressions that are ill-defined and therefore confusing.

The reason I made the comment was because the auditorium had gotten unusually quiet. I wasn’t preaching, but I’ve been in ministry long enough to know when this happens. The speaker wasn’t manipulating his audience; neither was he telling a moving story. It’s just that he was dealing with matters pertinent to where his people were, and it was obvious to me that they were hanging on his every word. And, this sense of incredible quiet lasted for a good six to eight minutes.

I questioned a friend I respect after the service regarding whether he noticed what I had. “How could I miss it?” was his response.

Another indication of the Lord’s presence is gentle tears in many eyes. Certainly a touching story can elicit that kind of response. But, that’s something different from what I’m talking about. What I’m referring to are tears when there’s no apparent reason for them to be surfacing, except for the fact that people are keenly aware of the Holy Spirit ministering to them in a most profound manner.

I sense that when Jesus spoke, the crowds were extremely quiet even though, for the most part, they were out-of-doors. I also believe there were more than a few who listened with tears in their eyes, even though Jesus wasn’t telling emotional stories.

Anyway, there are two evidences that His presence has again invaded His church in a powerful way. And, that’s what I was referring to by my comment.


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