A Proper Introduction

Once, many years ago when I was a young man, I had been invited to speak at a youth rally. Apparently there had been a mix-up in the dates and I noticed that another speaker was advertised. In any case, when it came time for me to speak, the person introducing me stepped to the microphone and said, “I’m not sure who he is or why he’s here. But, here he is anyway.”

I can easily laugh about that experience now. At the time, it was a bit unnerving. I mention it because I have come to believe that when we pastors have someone come to fill our pulpits, it is the pastor’s responsibility to see to it that guest speakers receive a proper introduction, even if the pastor is not present in the service.

The introduction is so very important. It sets the tone for the guest speaker. And, it helps connect the guest speaker to those in the congregation. A proper introduction will peak the congregation’s interest and make them eager to hear what the guest speaker has to say.

In Podcast No. 205, I offer a number of pertinent suggestions for pastors who plan to have guest speakers come to their churches. There are several very significant considerations with which a pastor must deal in crafting a proper introduction.

If you would like to hear what I have to say on this topic, simply click the link on this page that will take you to my Sermon-Coach.com website. Once there, you may listen to this Podcast. I hope you will find it helpful, especially for those of you planning to have guest speakers fill your pulpits this summer.

For quite a few weeks now, I’ve shared with you about my new book entitled The Sermon Sucking Black Hole—Why You Can’t Remember on Monday What Your Minister Preached on Sunday. This book is scheduled for release in early May. In the meantime, you may pre-order the book at Amazon.com by clicking here.

This book gives information about how to make your sermons memorable. And, it also gives some solid tips to the people sitting in the congregation to help them remember what you’ve said.


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